Ferrari Sale: $1.1 Billion to FCA?

July 4, 2015 - by David Zatz

The public offering of Ferrari as a separate corporation may provide $1.1 billion to Fiat Chrysler, according to CEO Sergio Marchionne, as quoted by Bloomberg News.

The $11 billion figure is for all of Ferrari, and is based on Mr. Marchionne’s valuation. 10% of Ferrari will remain in the hands of Piero Ferrari, the son of the founder, and 80% will be given to FCA stockholders.

FCA as a whole is currently valued at $18.4 billion (based on the price of one share of stock, $14.29, times the number of outstanding shares).  That leaves the former Chrysler and Fiat groups at $7.4 billion, assuming Mr. Marchionne’s value for Ferrari, a company with a respected and valuable name but only 7,000 car sales per year, is accurate.   (...) →

Carlisle Preps for Mopar Show

July 3, 2015 - by David Zatz

Cars at Carlisle is preparing now for the huge Chryslers at Carlisle show, which appears to be the East Coast’s largest Mopar show.

This year, celebrities include some of the Ramchargers, racer Bob Tarozzi, “Dukes of Hazzard” actor Tom Wopat, “Miss Mopar,” and stylist Virgil Exner, Jr. Features include Jeeps at Carlisle, new O.E. judging/certification, a 1970 ’Cuda AAR and Challenger T/A reunion,  a Forward Look reunion, a ride in a Hellcat Challenger, and a Neon tent.  Over 300 cars are expected to be for sale.

The show runs from July 10-12, and the least expensive way to attend is to show your car, which avoids high parking fees as well as admission gate fees.   All Mopars are included, including AMCs and related brands. (...) →

FCA Canada’s best June since 1985

July 3, 2015 - by David Zatz

FCA Canada (formerly Chrysler Canada) reported sales of 27,217 vehicles in June 2015, the best June sales for the division since 1985.  FCA Canada was the largest builder of vehicles in Canada.

All-time record sales were set by Chrysler Town & Country, with 164% of last June’s sales. Record June sales were set by Ram pickups, Cherokee, Challenger, Ram as a whole, and Jeep as a whole. Overall minivan sales rose by 14%, rising from 5,420 in June 2014 to  6,186 in June 2015.

Overall, FCA had a 15.3% market share in Canada, down 0.1% from June 2014; year to date, sales are up 1.1% to 148,132.

The next best company was Ford, with sales down 6.3%, partly due to low availability of F-150 pickups; their market share was 15.1%, down from 17.6%, with 134,096 year to date sales. (...) →

1984 PPG Daytona Pace Car For Sale

July 3, 2015 - by David Zatz

An exceedingly rare 1984 Dodge Daytona pace car, sponsored by PPG, is for sale in Bayonne, New Jersey, via ebay Motors. The asking price is $45,000 or best offer for this one-off car, which does not share any actual body panels with the actual Dodge Daytona production cars.

Capable of over 170 mph, the car was built by SVI and powered by a Chrysler turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Two sets of related concepts were made. A set of four identical cars were made in 1981 to promote the front-wheel-drive Dodge Charger (one remains at the Walter P. Chrysler museum in Auburn Hills); one is shown above. Below is a copy of the M4S pace car, shown in The Wraith and, after it was made, dubbed the Turbo Interceptor.  (...) →

Chrysler Recall / Parts Reform

July 3, 2015 - by David Zatz

Today, testimony with the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), FCA was sharply criticized for the way it handled recalls — including failing to have replacement parts ready for dealers — both by NHTSA and by its own leader of safety.

The company has not met legal deadlines for reporting recalls to the agency or to customers, as well as not providing required information properly.

To combat the problem, FCA’s chief of safety and regulatory compliance, Scott Kunselman — a longtime Chrysler veteran — said that Auburn Hills had thoroughly changed the way it works, after an internal review. Mr. Kunselman reports directly to the CEO, Sergio Marchionne, while safety was previously handled by a product development manager three levels below the CEO. (...) →

FCA México Sales Rose

July 2, 2015 - by David Zatz

While still quite small compared with U.S. or Canadian sales, FCA México saw a respectable 27% increase in sales from June 2014 to June 2015.  The numbers beat both 2014 and 2013, despite the substitution of popular Hyundai cars with Mitsubishis and Fiats, thanks partly to the addition of a Fiat Strada with Ram badging. Numbers still have not returned to 2012 but came close.

This is the sixth consecutive month of gains for the division, and most brands grew — Ram having its best June since 2010, Chrysler by 30%, Dodge by 15%, Fiat by 58%.

Alfa Romeo claimed its best June ever and an 89% increase, but these pale when one realizes that they only sold 17 cars. Chrysler’s 30% rise, likewise, is less impressive when one sees sales of 316, one third of which were 200s. (...) →

Jeep #1 in SUVs and other June highlights

July 2, 2015 - by Bill Cawthon

Jeep was the best-selling brand of SUVs and crossovers. Again. Yes, it does get repetitive. But we never get tired of it.

Not only was Jeep #1, but sales of Jeep and Dodge SUVs came within 1,567 sales of equalling General Motors’ four brands last month.

In its sales release, Ford trumpeted that its June Ford brand utility sales were the best for any June since 2002. Jeep beat that total by 6,644, or more than the number of utilities sold by Lincoln.

Jeep, all by itself, came in ahead of the total SUV sales of every automaker except GM. That’s true of not only June sales but of total sales for the first half of 2015.

The Jeep Wrangler made the combined car/truck top 20 in June. (...) →

The Years That Chrysler Beat Ford

July 2, 2015 - by David Zatz

Reuters recently noted that FCA US has beaten Ford in U.S. sales for the first time ever — which is accurate, given that FCA US has only existed for a short time.

However, FCA US dates itself back to the formation of Chrysler Corporation in 1925 (not to the sale of the Chrysler car in 1924, by Maxwell Motors, nor to Maxwell’s own genesis in 1904, nor to the founding of Dodge Brothers, which was larger than Chrysler when the latter bought it).

While fleet vs retail figures are not available for the 1930s, it’s a shame to miss the years when Chrysler easily beat Ford in United States vehicle registrations — though it remained #2 behind the mammoth General Motors.   (...) →

Hellcat Twins, Viper in New Ads (Video)

hellcat predator all3
July 2, 2015 - by Patrick Rall

Dodge has just rolled out two commercials as part of a new advertising campaign titled ‘Predators,’ which features the Hellcat Challenger, the Hellcat Charger, and the mighty SRT Viper.

These commercials will begin running at major movie theaters during the previews starting on July 3, followed by the cable TV debut on July 5. Finally, the 30-second commercial will play on the giant screen in Times Square on July 6 before getting its biggest time slot during the 2014 Major League Baseball All Star Game. Both of the Predator commercials are available on YouTube now.

The new Predator advertising campaign has two commercials – one 90-second spot and one 30-second spot – both of which feature the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, and the Dodge Viper GTS. (...) →

Waiting for the Ram Tailgate Party

July 2, 2015 - by David Zatz

Some time ago, Ram patented a pickup tailgate that could swing open or, like current American pickups, lower down to form a flat surface. Two advantages would be easier access (actually being able to use the bumper as a step with the door open, or having just one door open for a ladder or other long object, with the other closed to hold other things inside.

The question is, when will we see it?

The earliest we might see it is the 2016 Ram 1500 series, which it would be nicely suited for. At least one 2016 Ram 2500/3500, the Laramie Limited, has been publicly shown, and it doesn’t have the feature. (It does have a peak 900 pound-feet of torque, though.)

One question raised by a Ram observer was whether it is a practical design, as it stands, for a pickup. (...) →

Retail: FCA-US Beat Ford

July 1, 2015 - by David Zatz

For the first time, FCA US (the former Chrysler plus Fiat) beat Ford/Lincoln in retail sales, according to Bloomberg Business News. The numbers were close — 278 vehicles, according to writer Mark Clothier.

Chrysler Corporation easily beat Ford before World War II, starting in 1936, but this is a first for Chrysler since it lost independence.

Ford’s fleet sales, according to the company, were 35% of its total US sales, while around 23% of FCA US’s sales in the US and Canada were to fleets.  Both companies saw overall sales gains in the United States, with FCA US rising 8.2%  and Ford rising 1.5%; neither hit  analysts’ projections.  Ford’s problems in ramping up production of the F-150 was credited with a 9% slide in the sales of that vehicle, while Chrysler and Dodge minivans suffered from the Windsor plant shutdown. (...) →

Fiat Chrysler to invest $280M in India

July 1, 2015 - by Bill Cawthon

Fiat Chrysler is going to invest about $280 million in Fiat India Automobiles Private Limited, its joint venture with Tata.  Production  in Ranjangaon should start in the second quarter of 2017.

The plans shown earlier this year call for a new Jeep to be built along with the Jeep Renegade. The Grand Cherokee and Wrangler were supposed to be imported starting this year, but Grand Cherokee now apparently scheduled for March 2016.

The news was released as a delegation led by the Devendra Fadnavis, chief minister of the Indian state of Maharashtra, met with Jeep CEO Mike Manley at the Chrysler Tech Center in Auburn Hills.

Chrysler Group created an R&D center in Chennai, India, under Cerberus; they have worked extensively on computer modeling, seat structures, and general engineering support. (...) →

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